Crime Scene

Around this time last year the stars aligned and all my classes were doing creative writing at the same time. So naturally, I decided to turn the classroom into a crime scene. Whilst this was an awesome lesson, it wasn’t until afterwards that I realised how potentially inappropriate this could have been. Thankfully it was all fine. The kids LOVED it. We used the scene as a live stimulus for their writing.

This is what the kids were saw when arriving to class:


In small groups students were invited to cross the tape line and investigate the interactive scene, gathering as many clues as they could to inspire their work.

10153092_10152335927003764_361649144_n 1925088_10152335929308764_1525568903_n 1982100_10152335929623764_1908784089_n 10152492_10152335930723764_1520361361_n  Inside the wallet was an appointment card for a local business.

This year I’m thinking I’d like to modify the idea. Whilst the kids loved the scene, as a marker I found all four classes wrote very similar stories. I’d like to explore this in conjunction with genre, teaching them to take a generic stimulus and turn it into unique story. Anyway, something to work on 🙂

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