Clarity Hits – I have a direction!

Turns out that collaboration, feedback and reflection are overlapping topics. You really can’t read about effective collaboration without encountering mention of the other two. Which is great, because these are three core words teachers everywhere are encountering during PL. If we know we need to be implementing all three, it’s ideal that they link together as a core process.

Here’s an analogy that I really liked. We do not expect all students to possess equal literacy skills, nor do we deliver blanket literacy feedback and expect it to be effective. We need to view collaboration as a progression, because that is what it is. Some students can manage their time, others can’t. Some students can have those awkward conversations with social loafers, others can’t. We provide opportunity for them to practice these skills, ask them to reflect of their progress and then give feedback to help guide their progress. Reset and repeat.

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