Detective day!

Note: Not my idea, but one I’ve really enjoyed putting into action and had to share. A gem from my Head Teacher – Hi Fi!     🙂

Here’s how it works. Students bring in 6 artefacts that reveal something about themselves. We bag these up (as covertly as possible), attaching a number to each bag.


Once all the bags are in (this took about 3 days) it’s time for Detective Day! Each student is given a bag and 10 min to explore its contents as carefully as possible. They take notes, describing each artefact in detail before the bags go back under lock and key. Serious business. They then write a Historians report explaining what information they have gained from the artefacts and who they believe the subject to be.




Next week they will present their findings and discover who their subject was. I’m as much in the dark as they are; I wanna know who won the judo trophy, and who the lock of baby hair belongs to! Oh the suspense!

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