Cross Curricular PBL

So apparently, most people begin with single subject projects and gradually progress to cross curricular. That’s not how we roll. My colleague and I (he’s the one in the suit, I’m on the far left) dived right in with a string of cross curricular projects at the start of our PBL journey.


Most of what you’ll see here stems from an amazing opportunity we received in 2014. Johnny and I were allocated a share class, the same 30 kids for both English and Science. So of course, English and Science were both ditched on the timetable, in our minds at least. If they began work in Science and needed to continue it in English that afternoon, so be it. This was a serious crash course in time management for many of our students. Over the course of the year we ran a series of English/Science projects. Using our free periods we were able to build in team teaching sessions, providing the opportunity for detailed tutorials amongst other things.

We’ve learnt a great deal throughout this journey and aim to share some of our projects and experience through this blog. In addition to teaching on the South Coast, we also run PBL workshops. If you would like more information on one of the projects listed here or are seeking a consult, feel free to contact us below.

Shelley and Johnny.

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