After our film night, we were approached by the Ulladulla Business Community to create a short promo for Ulladelirious. We were meant to be washing our hands of film and moving into our next project. But, you know, when authenticity comes knocking…The kids were really excited and after a democratic vote they essentially put their foot down and said we were doing it. And then they took charge.

I love it when I’m shoved aside and the class can successfully organise themselves. It’s the goal, right? I’m just a facilitator. If we’re looking at this as a journey, it’s around project two/three where they really stepped up and started managing themselves. Working within the Business Communities vision of surfing in onsies the kids organised roles amongst themselves and wrote a short script. On the day I had a go-to-girl (the one in red) who problem solved any prickly issues for the team.

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