Welcome to our class. Please, pull up a… cube?

Last year our school set out to create a flexible learning space in the hopes of accommodating students lines of desire and facilitate their creativity. This is the end result. Best classroom ever!


Whilst the colour and cubes are fantastic, what I really love about this room is the fact that everything is writeable; the walls, the tables, THE LOT. This is a fantastic resource for student planning, brainstorming and facilitating group discussions. My favourite moment? When a student delivered her essay draft to me by dragging a table across the room. Naturally, her feedback was returned the same way.


Student mindmap of themes.


Class mind map of quotes, ‘Blackrock’.


The sheer expanse of writable surfaces also allows us the opportunity to publicly publish our class work. Last week I got my year 11s to publish their creative writing on the walls, windows, steps… Anywhere they could write. It was such a fun lesson, and so cool for them to have a forum for their work (as opposed to closing their book and forgetting it existed. When did we write that…?) The amount of attention this has gained from passing students stopping to read and discuss has been phenomenal. Sooo cool to see kids grouped around my room in between classes, reading and discussing.

Excuse the dodgy photos, they’re about a month old now and screaming for a new story. I’m thinking it’s year 7’s turn…


Meet Ian. ian

A brilliant senior student who openly admits to being easily and regularly distracted in class. We set out this term to try and solve his lack of motivation and improve his focus in class time, and this is what we came up with. Each lesson he creates a unique space for himself. A ‘bubble’. Most lessons no one knows where he is, until he emerges at the end bubbling over with ideas and enthusasium. Sure, it can be done anywhere. But the flexible nature of this space seems to push me to look at learning in new and creative ways. Like I said, super lucky.



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