Presentation of Learning

This was one of my goals this year. I wanted to run a Presentation of Learning (POL), High Tech High style. Post experience, it’s got to be one of the most valuable things I’ve done in years. The day started off pretty rough – students pulling out, panel members not showing up etc. Then, our first speaker gets up. She’s shaking. The moment she starts … Continue reading Presentation of Learning

What you like a story with that?

I’ve already posted about our 50 word stories, (here and here) they’ve since become a staple with all my classes. But what I haven’t covered is how we share these with the world. Cue today’s blog. The original idea sprung from Chipotle’s Cultivating Thought Author Series , and resulted in me ordering 200 coffee sleeves late one night in the whirlwind of  excitement… Luckily, the … Continue reading What you like a story with that?

Finders Keepers!

As a year 7 teacher this year I get to juggle multiple curriculum hats. I love it,  except for the fact that I suck at geography. Let’s rephrase that, it’s an area with ample opportunities for development… (que my growth mindset!) One thing I am good at is throwing myself into new challenges, especially when it’s student driven. So a few months ago my  year 7’s … Continue reading Finders Keepers!

Welcome to our class. Please, pull up a… cube?

Last year our school set out to create a flexible learning space in the hopes of accommodating students lines of desire and facilitate their creativity. This is the end result. Best classroom ever! Whilst the colour and cubes are fantastic, what I really love about this room is the fact that everything is writeable; the walls, the tables, THE LOT. This is a fantastic resource … Continue reading Welcome to our class. Please, pull up a… cube?

English Studies… It’s a bludge, right?

I adore my Year 12 Studies kids. They are the most amazingly creative and eccentric group of people. What I hate, is the label that seems to be attached to our subject. 12mths ago when we came together I tore through the first lesson (with what in hindsight could be described at manic enthusiasm) determined to break the stereotype of ‘bludge‘, ‘film studies‘ that plagued … Continue reading English Studies… It’s a bludge, right?