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I used to joke about my ‘neglected blog’. But then, I tried to log back in last week and literally couldn’t remember the password. Suddenly, the joke didn’t really seem like a joke anymore.

I could easily blame being time poor; since I started this site I’ve filled my professional life with a ton of cool projects. I’ve also had two babies, with a third coming this July. But really, we make time for the things we value. And I haven’t valued blogging for a while. Partly because I felt unsure about how to actually blog, you know? What is useful to educators? And what is simply a reflective process to clear my own head? Add into this the visual element, it seems a cool image has become an expectation. I’ll admit, I spent last night Googling cool flat lay ideas. Turns out, a white background is helpful, and I don’t currently own any white sheets…

I still don’t know that I’m blogging in a valuable way, but some personal factors have pulled me back here. This month I’m entering the final stages of my Masters, a research project I’ve been working towards for the last year and a half. And – you guessed it – it’s centered around PBL. It’s a fun mix of excitement and uncertainty, a feeling that has resulted in way too many conversations for poor Johnny to handle alone. So, here I am. Still unsure of how exactly I should blog, but in need of something the help me process these coming months. Bring it on.

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