Entry Events – Building the Hype

I know we don’t always have time to do this, but when we do we should. Arguably, this is the part of teaching we need make time for. An entry event is designed to get students excited about their learning, and the excitement can start long before the event itself. Delivering teasers and cryptic clues before a project commences can generate buzz amongst your students and make them more receptive to the project once it finally arrives.

Here are a three simple ideas to get you started:

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 3.21.06 PM

  1. Create a simple ‘coming soon’ sign where your product will eventually be curated.

This will not only get your students talking, but the rest of the community who walks by. Once students are ‘in the know’ on the project, they can even take over and update the sign with teasers of their own.


2. Guerrilla Advertising

Get creative in the way you promote your project. In this project about mosquito eradication, pictures of mosquitos and the slogan “what’s the buzz?” written on windows had students talking in the days leading up to the Entry Event.

3. Digital Promotion

Posting photos, clues or even short clips on your class communication page can also get students thinking. This could be you setting up your resources for the entry event. One past project involved filming envelopes being sealed with wax. The enigma of such posts should be enough to get students asking questions, and one step closer to buying into the project without even realising it.


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