Entry Events – let’s not forget the fun!

I’ve gotten a little slack lately, and my entry event’s have been the victim.

In my time-poor state, I’ve been classifying team planning sessions as Entry Events. They’re not. Let’s not kid ourselves.

So last week, I decided to inject a little fun back into the process and kicked off Year 7’s picture book project with some craft and finger painting! Welcome to our hour of fun!

Station 1: Finger painting! This was a double station, meaning they could stay here for 20min rather than 10. Seemed to make sense with the mess.

Station 2: Picture book scavenger hunt. I set out a bunch of picture books, from tactile toddler books to Shaun Tan. They searched through to find symbolic items.

Station 3: Pop up books. This station kinda turned into general craft. Turns out they aren’t as excited by pop up images as I am…

Station 4: Silly rhymes



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