Tiny Historians

I’m a newbie to the world of Year 7. Two weeks in and I’m hooked. Little kids rock. They have this amazingly positive vibe radiating off them every lesson. I’m determined not to kill it. Gotta say, the pressure to not be dull is a little daunting! Don’t be dull, don’t be dull! Ok, got it. Phew.

So here is idea 1. Inspired by Bianca Hewes (https://biancahewes.wordpress.com/) recent poetry stations post I decided to get them moving through stations as we look at our basic history skills. Check it out:

Station 1:
Create a single time line recording all the key events in the groups lives.

Station 2: categorising sources as primary or secondary (Yes we have the BEST classroom ever. Everything is writable. I’ll post a long shot image soon 😀 )


Station 3: Answering who, what, where, when, why about a historical artefact. The aim was to determine what Aliens could learn about us if they found this artefact. Slightly last minute idea, I found some decorations on my desk and then struck gold with an old pack of noodles from 2012 in the staff room!


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